Sean J. Delaney

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Sean J. Delaney is a Disaster/Pandemic Mitigation & Recovery Planning Expert who has consulted and worked with Fortune 500 companies for over 20 years. He helps them develop a strategic plan for mitigation and recovery so that their business operations are not completely derailed when a disaster or pandemic hits. Strategic responses and systems to unexpected disasters are the difference between survival and bankruptcy for a Fortune 500 company.

Sean specializes in strategic planning, organizational effectiveness, supply chain and risk management, and disaster and pandemic planning. He worked for MetLife for over a decade and helped navigate the mitigation and recovery of several pandemics including SARS, MERS, and H1N1. He has consulted with Johnson & Johnson, JPMC, AIG, Jet Blue, Uber, Nike, and a host of others, including companies of all sizes in every industry to get strategies in place for when a crisis occurs.

Sean is the CEO of Whadif, LLC and received a Juris Doctorate from Vermont Law School, a Senior Professional in Human Resources designation from SHRM, along with multiple certifications in Strategic Planning, Process Reengineering and Innovation from Harvard and M.I.T.

With his unique blend of knowledge, experience, wit and humor, he has helped businesses of every size strengthen their operations, innovate for the future, plan for disaster and spring back from crisis.